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  • Brand Name: OLOEY
  • Origin: US(Origin)
  • Ingredients: Pueraria Lobata
  • Usage And Dosage: 2 capsule at a time,1 time at a day
  • Product Specification: 10/30/50 capsules
  • Shelf Life: 24 months
  • Department Name: Adult

USAGE:Adults, take one 1 Tablet/time, 3 times per day (Please consult a doctor to find the correct dosage for your body weight), chewble, as a dietary supplement.

BREAST ENLARGEMENT:Do you want to go up 1, 2 or more cup sizes and don’t want to spend ridiculously high amounts of money on surgery? This is the herb for you. White Pueraria mirifica contains phytoestrogens which will make your breasts look bigger, rounder and firm. It will also visibly reduce the stretch marks on your boobs.
MENOPAUSAL RELIEF:Is menopause taking a toll on your life? These breast enhancement pills mimic estrogen and helps reduce menopause symptoms such as vaginal dryness, hot flashes and night sweats. Enjoy your sex life and sleep like a baby with this feminine powder.
IMPROVES SKIN & HAIR HEALTH:Imagine waking up to naturally soft skin that feels like a rose petal and long dark hair every day. All you need is this one, and your days of bad skin will be over. Get rid of acne, dark spots wrinkles and gray hair for good with this magic hair powder. These breast pills will leave your skin as smooth as a baby’s butt, improve your skin tone and darken your hair.
IMPROVES VAGINAL HEALTH:Vaginal dryness and painful sex are a nightmare. The good news? This one can alleviate vaginal dryness, clear inflammation and help balance your vaginal climate. Leaving you with a clean, healthy and well lubricated vagina. Enjoy your sex life with this natural feminine powder.
100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE:Having doubts if this extract will work for you? Try it out. If you’re not happy with your purchase, we’ll refund you money.

Pueraria Mirifica is a real "multifunctional" plant which works perfect when taken correctly. Just let it absorb and give your body time to adapt to it. Do not fear changes that you are going thru during your treatment. It’s a life changing experience. You will literally shine after your treatment. Body feels young, energetic and looks better. Skin is really in top condition. Some don’t even need lotion during PM treatment. Skin is full of nutrients and feels smooth & elastic. Pueraria Mirifica is best known to be used in alternative breast enlargement treatment. Instead of silicone implants you can go for the natural way.

Papaya is nutrient-rich, good for spleen, digestion and kidney, With enhance immunity, beauty effect.
We select clean fresh papaya, made by the world’s most advanced spray drying technology processing, maintain the nutritional content and flavor of fresh papaya, instant dissolution, easy to use.

Papaya can prevent liver cells swelling and promote liver cells repairing;
Papaya has strong function of antibacterial, especially for variety of enterobacteria and Staphylococcus;
Papaya has obvious inhibitory action towards Diplococcus pneumoniae and microbaterium tubeculosis;
Papaya can slow cell growth, decrease the phagolsis function of macrophage and unaffect of normal cells.

Product Function:
Complete "Feminization" Process
Breast Enlargement (in Men & Women)
Butt and Hip Enlargement
Brighter, Softer and Younger Skin
Smaller and Lighter face
Stronger Nails
Smoother and Less Oily Facial Skin
Fuller, Longer and Stronger Hair Growth
Body Energizing

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