Adjustable Glasses As Seen on TV

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Experience instant visual clarity with our ‘As Seen on TV’ Adjustable Glasses! Engineered for swift focus adjustments and featuring a sleek design, these glasses cater to both near and far-sighted needs. Offering rapid dial-in settings and gender-neutral style, they’re your go-to solution for precise vision corrections. Elevate your visual experience today!

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Adjustable Glasses – As Seen on TV

Discover the revolutionary “As Seen on TV” Adjustable Glasses that redefine instant clarity and vision precision. Engineered for rapid-focus adjustments, these glasses provide a quick solution for enhanced visual acuity at your fingertips.

Product Overview:

The Adjustable Glasses, prominently featured on TV, offer unparalleled features:

– **Immediate Clarity:** With a diopter range from -6D to +3D, these glasses allow on-the-spot adjustments for near or far-sightedness.
– **Rapid-Focus Technology:** Dial-in your preferred vision settings effortlessly, ensuring swift and precise visual corrections for various scenarios.
– **Gender-Neutral Design:** Sporting a lightweight, sleek black TPU frame, these glasses cater to both men and women, combining style with functionality.

Crucial User Information:

– **Non-Prescriptive Nature:** These glasses are not substitutes for prescribed lenses or astigmatism correction.
– **Safety Advisory:** Refrain from using during driving or operating heavy machinery. Regular professional eye examinations by certified Optometrists or Ophthalmologists are recommended for comprehensive eye care.

State-Specific Compliance Notes:

– **Massachusetts:** Not intended as an alternative to prescribed eyewear; opt for professional eye assessments for accurate vision evaluation.
– **Minnesota:** Usage should not replace professional eye exams. State laws regulate the sale of OTC reading glasses and bifocals.
– **New York:** Continuous eye check-ups are imperative. State laws govern the sale of OTC reading glasses and bifocals.
– **Rhode Island:** These glasses are not replacements for corrective lenses; opt for professional eye evaluations to determine precise vision requirements.


Elevate your visual experience with the widely recognized “As Seen on TV” Adjustable Glasses – your go-to solution for swift and accurate vision adjustments in diverse situations.


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